My Art

Esenssai Championship 2018


“I cry because I am so well, because I live so well, and how could one person possibly live with all of this life”

Pole is my way of speaking up. I feel need to perform every time after I've been through something in life and want to share what I've learn or just need to let my emotions out. It works like meditation - I can let go of things after I've danced about it. So all of the pieces you see are not only stories,     THESE ARE MY STORIES!



Pole Art Italy 2016

Stay strong!

Pole Theatre Croatia 2016

How to find yourself is one of the most challenging experiences of being human. There are no rules, no textbook, no college course. When it comes to discovering how to find yourself, you’re pretty much on your own—which is, perhaps, exactly how it should be

Pole Art France

Tell the people who mean something to you how much you love them! Tell it before it is too late..

Pole Theatre Croatia 2015

People are different, with their own outlooks on life and points of view. That's why living in the same world will always lead to conflicts and misunderstanding. I myself don't know how to prevent these situations, but I DO know for sure, that wars and violence is not a solution! I will never chose this unacceptable way of acting, because I know how it will end for me... What is your choice?



Pole Theatre World 2016

Today, I'm gonna stop dreaming. I'm gonna live my dreams instead..

Pole Dance show 2017

Swedish cahmpionship 2018