About Me


I'm a self taught pole dance artist, based in Stockholm, Sweden. I have discovered pole dance over 7 years ago and been in love with it ever since!

My pole dancing style is storytelling. Pole for me, is my way of speaking up. I feel the need to perform when something happens in my life, to  share what I've learnt, or just to let my emotions out! It works like meditation - you can let go of things after you've danced about it.

I have been lucky to be a part of pole and dance events in over 35 countries: teaching, judging, choreographing, performing and of course competing!


● Winner "Essensai championship 2018"

●  Winner “Swedish national championship” 2018 with Slava Ruza

1st runner up "Amazing championship Russia”

●  Overall Winner “Pole theatre World” 2017 Art category with Slava Ruza

●  Winner “Pole theatre World” 2017 Drama category

●  1st runner up "Pole Theatre USA" Drama category

●  Winner “Swedish national championship” 2017 Elite

●  Overall Winner “Pole theatre Scandinavia” 2016 with Slava Ruza

●  Winner “Pole theatre World 2016” Art category with Slava Ruza

●  1st runner up "Pole Theatre Croatia 2016" Art category

●  1st runner up "Pole Art Italy 2016" Professional category

●  Overall Winner ”Pole theatre Croatian 2015” Professional category

●  Winner ”Pole art Cyprus 2014” semi-professional category

●  1st runner up ”Battle of the pole 2014” Amateur category

Poledance Stockholm winner about me

Do what you love, love what you do!



Please feel free to contact me here with any questions you may have.