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Sharing my tips, thoughts and experience about pole dance, teaching, performing and competing.

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Sending messages throught dance. Pole dance have always been my way of comunicating and sharing something really personal.


I'm a self taught pole dance artist, based in Stockholm, Sweden. I have discovered pole for 7 years ago and been in love with it ever since!

My pole dancing style is storytelling. Pole for me, is my way of speaking up. I feel need to perform when something happens in life- to  share what I've learn or just to let my emotions out! It works like meditation - you can let go of things after you've danced about it.

I have been lucky to be a part of pole and dance events in over 35 countries: teaching, judging, choreographing, performing and of course competing! My biggest achievements  are 3 World Champion titles in Pole Theatre Competion.

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Anna Valfsson

World champion in pole dance x3

Performer, coach, choreographer